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Training of 8 s that was a few months since my wife had to Sean and freshxxxtube freshxxxtube Dave, two guys I had met on the Internet freshxxxtube and together with his new friends were introduced to Sue always a dog training aid. She had taken to it like a duck to water, was much more to dress provocatively, voluntarily left in the dark, abused and exposed in public, masturbating themselves and foreigners, if they have a uniform, easily was told knees sucking all Hahn, Dave and Sean said they should. She regularly gets fucked freshxxxtube by two, three young per night, including his lover, then I fill them come after me. She seemed to enjoy while I thought that nothing could be more than once, I was wrong freshxxxtube ! One night during the week, I suggested to Sue, we're going to have a drink and maybe try something a little different then. To ask me what I thought and I told him I bought some things and slaveryI thought it would be fun for me to tie the game and then laugh. Sue seemed to think the idea is very interesting and went back. She came with a black satin blouse with pop - bras, one above the knee black skirt with front zipper full length zip, black remains the raids, a black thong and a pair of knee-high boots with heels high. Sue told me at the bar where she goes to her lover to take if they were within only a few pub regulars were there, Sue was a little disappointed, but after a few drinks it seemed relax a little and began to flirt with me, unzip her skirt a little and leave their legs so that the regulars could keep an eye completely covered by its top and satin half step. As we prepared to go, she said she was going to the bathroom first. I waited in the car outside, who had gone about 10 minutes when she came to me and said I had one of the regulars in the followingLadies and said he thought it was the hottest bitch I had ever seen, Sue told me, she pushed him all the knees down, and unpacking before leaving and taking his cock in the mouth. He had only lasted a few moments before he shot his load in the back of her throat, she leaned over and kissed me, so that some of the foreigners who come to get in my mouth. I went to a fairly secluded resting place I knew and was stationed at. With the tapes I bought, I had tied her wrists together by the headrest of the vehicle, keep your arms above your head, I leaned over her and sat on his seat beside me and put a blindfold on the eyes slightly more . Then I began to stroke the inside of her thighs with stockings, her hands were not quite reach her ​​pussy, caressing her breasts through the silky material of her top, teasing her nipples until they were painfully hard. My wife horny Sat breathing faster and faster, her breasts rising and falling, which was twisted, rubbed her thighs while he tried to delay s that have been three other cars in the parking lot when freshxxxtube we moved, after reading all the dogging web site, I turned on the light inside the vehicle is Sue blind to this. Soon I noticed the lights of other cars on and off interior, as the occupants got out and walked across the parking lot to us. 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I n my ​​little wife slut, what is happening outside the car and he said he thought it was unfair that they could see and touch, while I was rubbing her clit little difficult, I asked if they thought it was unfair, quivering to its climax, gasped, yes. The use of controls on my side of the car that rolled the passenger side window, Sue gasped when the cold air touched her breasts, the man who masturbates freshxxxtube furiously began to arrive, his seed hit the freshxxxtube side of car. The other two boys had been bent and my wife looking at bare breasts, stockings and thong. I told them I wanted to play to feel free, if it was a bitch when my wife freshxxxtube would not mind using both men tried to get to play Sue, is difficult to achievesimply through the open window, he told them to wait, and took over, its fully adjustable seat, then told to open the doors and feel free. One of them opened the back door and began to grope the breasts of my woman kneeling, while the other had the panties aside exposing her wet hole and freshxxxtube pulled out his finger was busy fucking to a climax. Sue was there, wept for joy at the attention her body was ready to welcome strangers. After a while, before changing position, were satisfied with the investigation in the mature body of Sue, who stood freshxxxtube up and thanked us. I told them that was fine and would be the next month, and that if they could tell his friends he wanted, and I would play Sue out of the car for them. With this I went to Sue's house still handcuffed, blindfolded and exposed to indoor lights and her tits and pussy as mean where her thong had been pulled to one side so that the men had their fingers. When we got home that night, we want to fuck teens, Sue said she thought it was going to have to fuck, I said I thought about it, but I decided this time she said she expected me next time.
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